My 10 Year Romance with GoDaddy Technical Support

Many things change, but there are some things that stay the same. One thing that has not changed is the fantastic customer experience that GoDaddy, the internet/web browsing company, provides.

Back in 2011, yes 8 years ago, I wrote a blog post titled, “Why I love Go Daddy technical support.”  The romance has continued to grow, and I am now using more of their products and spending more money annually, as a result.

The underlying reason that the GoDaddy customer experience stands out, is all about their people. 

If you research 2019 customer experience trends, you will read a lot about non-peoply things like chat-bots, artificial intelligence (AI) or omni-channel. I am sure GoDaddy is optimizing support in those areas, but their people are special. Here are some specific reasons.

They use people to support technology.

Most companies send the message that they do not want you to call their customer service team. They make telephone numbers hard to find, and focus your attention on submitting tickets to a CRM system. 

GoDaddy does the opposite. If you can not find an answer in their extensive and well written online knowledge base, they want you to call their agents. The phone number is on the home page of their website and they are staffed 24/7/365.

Unlike most other companies, there is NO option to submit a ticket and NO option to email. They want to talk to you.

The front line agents are truly experts.

Hold times, as a general rule, are short, and when an agent picks up they can actually solve your problem.

  • The agents have deep expertise on the complex topics you are calling about.
  • They walk you through the fixes step by step, and stay on the phone with you until the problem is solved.
  • The agents spend as much time as needed to solve your problem. You feel like you are their only customer and that they actually care.
  • You never, ever get transferred.

Have you met a Go Daddy Guide?

One interesting change Go Daddy made in the past year is to rebrand their customer support representatives to “guides”. As their website states, “Every guide is trained and excited to work with you, whether you need help with a password reset or you’re looking for a team to build your complete web presence.” I am not aware of any other company using this term.

Clear link between customer experience and business results.

Is customer experience positively impacting GoDaddy’s financial results? It appears so! In its 1st quarter 2019 earnings release, the company reported that year over year, revenue overall was up 12% and revenue per user was up over 8%. They also predict that for full year 2019, the company revenue will grow by double digits, of 12-13% year over year.

Happy Anniversary!

I am pleased to share that I will be celebrating my 10 year love affair with GoDaddy on a romantic all inclusive vacation. It will include my own domain name, website design and email address. LOL….

What do you think? Please share your own experiences in the comments. (PS.. no, this is not a paid post!)

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