Why I Love Go Daddy Technical Support

In most cases when I have to call a customer service or tech support department, I expect the worst…..long and confusing phone menus (cable TV), continual transfers to get you to the right person (banks), long wait times (the recording, “we are experiencing higher than average call volume”, is always on) and frustrating conversations with employees who may or may not have the appropriate training.

But, I absolutely LOVE Go Daddy technical support. I store all of my domains with Go Daddy and use them for website and blog Love Go Daddy Tech Support | Image Courtesy Of Salvatore Vuonohosting. Because I use so many different services across numerous sites, I occasionally need help and for complex issues I find that the phone is the best contact method.

Every time I contact Go Daddy technical support, I have a fantastic experience. Here’s why:

  • They encourage phone contact any time you need it
  • It is easy to navigate the phone menu
  • The Customer Service Analyst takes ownership of your problem. I have never been transferred,
  • The Customer Service Analysts generally seem happy to be there, friendly and genuinely want to help
  • The Customer Service Analysts really listen to your questions and swiftly get to a solution, likely a combinatioGoDaddy - World's #1 Domain Registrar | Affiliate Linkn of training and a super cool knowledge base
  • You never, ever feel rushed. They take as little or as much time as you need to solve the problem
  • They are happy to wait for you to test the solution while they are on the phone, to make sure it works
  • They send a customer satisfaction survey immediately after the call and it only has one question, so I always fill it out.
  • My customer service experience is consistent

I would have to call customer service less if their website was easier to navigate, but that is for another day and another blog post.

Thanks Go Daddy. Keep up the great work.



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  1. Nice to know there’s still people out there who provide topnotch service besides Apple. Alas, there are too few of them and we all suffer for it. Thanks for pointing out someone I’ll make a point of using, Marci. Hope we can talk soon; I enjoy conversing with all of my STA Triberr colleagues.

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