Customer escalations are on the mind of many support leaders today. They can take up a significant amount of time, negatively impact business results and can have a morale impact on employees. Escalations are stressful.

The Customer Escalation Management handbook will help you prevent and manage complaints and customer escalations. It will help you achieve the best outcomes for customers, employees and your business. Now available on for just $12.95 USD Paperback or $5.99 USD on Kindle.

The Customer Escalation Handbook

This 65 page paperback will help you learn:

  • Escalation process best practices
  • How to prevent escalations
  • How and when call center agents should transfer an escalation call
  • Approaches to understand why customers escalate
  • How to train and empower your team members
  • Key phrases and scripting for effectively handling escalation conversations
  • Why escalations can be a good thing
  • How to keep your boss and the C Levels happy
  • The importance of follow up

If you want to better manage and prevent escalations in your customer service environment then this book is for you.

Book Excerpt – “Calm.. Your Super Power”

This excerpt is from Chapter 11- The Escalation Conversation.

“In addition to my work experience in customer operations, I also teach yoga. As a yoga instructor, I attempt to create an environment where my students can quiet their minds and relax. Depending on the class, I use different techniques such as playing soothing music, sharing essential oils, using breathing techniques, or using a soft, calming voice. I also attempt to project confidence and knowledge of the practice I am teaching. My behavior and the energy I create in the class have a direct impact on how the students feel in my class.

Support the good kind of escalations. Chapter 9

These same concepts hold true in customer escalation discussions. I do not recommend playing yoga music or passing around essential oils, LOL, but calmness can be your superpower. 

In a tense customer escalation conversation, if you behave in a calm manner, others will likely begin to mirror you. Staying calm can help the customer gain perspective about the situation. Staying calm can help instill confidence.  When all parties are calm, you are in a much better position to discuss next steps and the resolution options.

If you are in a face to face scenario, also be conscious of your body language. In addition to projecting calm, be sure to retain eye contact, elongate your spine (oops, yoga teacher talk), sit or stand up straight and allow your arms to rest by your sides. Your body language should match your verbal queues.”

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