Customer Escalation Management Handbook

Customer Escalation Management Handbook

Prevent and manage complaints and customer escalations. Achieve the best outcomes for customers, employees and your business.

Are customer escalations or supervisor calls taking up too much of your time?  

Is your boss asking you to figure out how to prevent escalations from reaching him or her?

If you answered yes, this 35 page easy to use resource is for you. It was written by a customer support leader, for customer support leaders. I understand. I feel your pain. I’ve gotten calls in the middle of the night!

For just $10 USD, this 35 page handbook will help you learn:

  • Escalation process best practices
  • How to be proactive and prevent escalations
  • Approaches to understand why customers escalate
  • How to train and empower your team members
  • Key phrases and scripting for effectively handling escalation conversations
  • Why escalations can be a good thing
  • How to keep your boss and the C Levels happy
  • The importance of follow up

It is $10 USD for an immediate PDF download. Just click the buy now button.

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