Based on the popularity of the blog post, 10 Tips To Master Customer Escalation Management, I wrote the Customer Escalation Management Handbook.

The Customer Escalation Management Handbook will help you prevent and manage complaints and customer escalations. It will help you achieve the best outcomes for customers, employees and your business. Now available on for just $9.95 USD Paperback or $4.99 USD on Kindle.

The Customer Escalation Handbook

This 65 page paperback includes:

  • Escalation process best practices
  • How to prevent escalations
  • How and when call center agents should transfer an escalation call
  • Approaches to understand why customers escalate
  • How to train and empower your team members
  • Scripting for effectively handling escalation conversations
  • Email templates for escalation updates
  • How to keep your boss and the C Levels happy
  • The importance of follow up

If you want to better manage and prevent escalations in your customer service environment then this book is for you.


Marci Reynolds

Support the good kind of escalations. Chapter 9

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