I am a big fan of cop and legal dramas and have watched endless TV episodes of Law and Order, The Good Wife and The Closer, where brave public servants help victims of a variety of crimes. But, something is missing! I think it is time someone pitched a new television show about projects. This new show would address the crimes that occur during a troubled software implementation engagement, perhaps called “Project Handover Red!”. If you work in a big ticket software, technical support organization then you and your team members have likely been the victim of a customer project handover gone wrong.  This is not asRead More →

What do working out at a gym and running a business operation have in common? A few thing. We might look around and see some bad fashion choices. We might find ourselves surrounded by a few muscle-heads. But, the focus of this blog post is that in the gym and in the office, there are comparable techniques that will improve our productivity. Background: It all started because I was bored. I had been working out regularly since I was in my early 20s and reached a point last November where both my brain and my body were bored with the routine and needed a jump-startRead More →

Guest Blog by George McQuain, Operations Expert | Sheldon Cooper Reports to Me? Oh NO!!!! How would you like to have Dr. Eric Gablehauser’s job? Dr. Eric Gablehauser is responsible for managing the Physics Department on the hit CBS situational comedy “The Big Bang Theory”. In other words, he is Sheldon Cooper’s boss. If you watch the show, you know that can be a challenge. That is why I am writing this blog post. As an Operations Executive, I have often had the honor and privilege of managing technical teams. People who often had IQs so high that I thought they were in a highRead More →