When business processes don’t work the way that we expect them to, we often blame the employees who are responsible for the process. We assume that they aren’t working hard enough or need more training. However, we are often wrong – and there are six others reasons that processes fail, which inspired today’s cartoon. Enjoy!    (Click on the image to view a full screen version.)

6 Reasons Processes Fail - Process Improvement Cartoon



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  1. Love this comic. Bookmarking it because I know I’ll find some way to use it in a future blog post 🙂


    1. Author

      Thanks Abbas.. Please visit our blog again!

      – Marci

  2. Three more for you

    7. Customer requirements not known “Who the hell are you?”
    8. Roles and responsibilities unclear “No no, I though you were doing it”
    9. Risks not thought through “BANG!!”

    Love the cartoon


    1. Author

      Thanks James.. Great additions to the list of reasons why processes sometimes fail.

  3. How did u pick up the techniques to create ““6 Reasons Processes Fail – Cartoon”?
    Thanks for the post -Beverly

  4. Love it, using it.

  5. Hi Marci,
    Would it be possible to utilize this cartoon in an internal company newsletter in which we are highlighting a current Process Mapping project we are working on?

    We would for sure reference your blog in the newsletter. The cartoon really illustrates things very well for us.

    Jason Roloff
    Philip Morris International – Taiwan S.A.

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