How To Reduce Customer Escalations – INFOGRAPHIC

Hello blog readers! A few years ago, I published a post on customer escalations called “10 Tips To Master Customer Escalation Management”. At first it got what I would call normal readership with about 700 views per month. But then something crazy happened. In 2018 into 2019 it went viral, and began to get close to 3,000 per month, a 300 percent increase. Customer escalations are a popular topic. Wow!

Most of these blog readers landed on my site after using a search engine with phrases like, “client escalation management”, “how to avoid supervisor calls”, “better way to handle escalations” or “how to reduce escalations”.  In answer to this increasing demand, I have created this one page infographic – How To Reduce Customer Escalations. I am also in the process of finishing a book on the same topic with an expected publishing date of Spring 2019.

To download a copy, simply click on the download button below, next to the phrase: customer escalation infographic PDF. A jpeg version of “How To Reduce Customer Escalation” is also inserted below. Enjoy!

How To Reduce Customer Escalations
How To Reduce Customer Escalations

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  1. Nicely represented Marci! To attain sustainable growth and prove the existence in the competitive market, companies need to work on their customer support to reduce the number of customer escalations. So, they should work to understand what customer wants and take actions to eliminate the problems by communication. I have come across the below links which will be helpful in this category and

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